Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Ballad Boat

A poem to all the people who I have been so fortunate
to have crossed paths with shared laughs,ideas, energies, sounds, flavors, cookies, beer, vibrations, dances, smoke, liquor, late night fires,
joy rides, rain and blankets this is for YOU...........

As i listen to the steady pounding of rain
i feel like I am awake during a dream
wetness upon my window of pain
loud as a whisper, soft as a scream

Having crossed a path with such a vibrant soul
smile warm as spring
warm as a blanket, inside of cold

Rain drips down the rooftops of time
thinking of all the kindred spirits
who I've encountered
who have places in my heart
and connected in mind

Teardrops fall on dry paper
of the letter i never wrote
I close my eyes tightly
Ride my breath on the breeze holding tight to the rope

Flashes of photos never taken and trips I've never took
Sweet sweet precious life
so many things being overlooked

Laughter I've had the pleasure of hearing
I hold so dear to my heart
Kindness I has been most enduring
Clever Characters, full of life, so smart

My eyes stare down the tunnel of a collection of universal gifts I've taken for granted
A pocket full of smiles
Getting caught up in this rut we call life, sometimes crooked,sometimes slanted

Scooping up the dust
I blow out kisses with my hands
Kisses coated with gratitude
Sending love to every person I never told
Right from where I stand

a celestial symphony echos down the hallways of my mind
the universe speaks the truth
listen carefully
whatever you need
you shall find

To Hollis

All of our love is with you.....

To an angel I met amongst the desert dust
to a beautiful free spirit called Hollis
To a lovely lady who I had only spent such a short time
to a strong woman, a fighter, with a beautiful mind
to a bird of another feather a unique beauty
with her boots with her leather
to one tough cookie a soldier who will fight the battle and win
to A bird who can fly with one wing and a fish who could swim with one fin
As we all breath in deeply, while you sleep in a deep slumber
we exhale in one mighty breath and bring forth the thunder
There may be many great storms sweet princess
But there is no storm that could ever conquer such a crusader as Hollis

All of my love, energy, thoughts, hopes, and prayers are with you Hollis along with your friends and family!!! kisses hugs and love...
all the way from Atlanta ga
emerald (georgia)